About Us

Le Chateliers Principle :“If a system at equilibrium is subjected to change in concentration, temperature, volume or pressure, it will readjust itself to counteract the effect of the applied change and a new equilibrium is established”

In other words, when a system experiences a change, it will respond in a manner that will restore the balance…

Just like Le Chatelier’s Principle, our pole and aerial brand seeks to achieve the perfect balance; between work and play, quality and price and, of course, on your favourite apparatus.

Le Chatelier Pole Wear was created so that our owner Jen could pursue her passion of all things pole –be it performing on stage, teaching her fabulous students or creating quality training wear and one of a kind costumes! She knows there is nothing better than the feeling of wearing a new pair of shorts to class or stepping out on stage feeling amazing in your specially made costume!

By purchasing from Le Chatelier Pole Wear you are supporting an Australian owned small business, with each piece being made to order on Australian soil using materials from Australian suppliers.


We'd like to thank Peter Thurgood Photography for capturing our creations in action!