How on earth do we say Le Chatelier? And why so fancy…?

Technically the French pronounce it Lee - Shat-il-e-ay but here, being 100% Aussie goodness, we’re a little more unrefined (read: bit bogan) and we pronounce it Lee- Shat-a-leer, but honestly we’ll respond to both ways!  Owner, designer and seamstress, Jen tells people who ask that it’s “like a chandelier but you ‘shat’ in it…” Yep, we are really that posh around here.

So why such a fancy name for a brand that doesn’t take things too seriously? Le Chatelier was born when Jen decided she needed a stage name for her emerging pole competition journey. Being in the midst of completing her PhD in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry, she wanted something that gave a nod to her scientific roots but didn’t seem out of place amongst the ‘Miss-insert-name-here’s, precious stones and ‘floral’ arrangements that seem to be the norm in the competition line ups.

Her lab mate suggested Le Chatelier, after Le Chateliers Principle – something that as a chemist was used on the daily, and she instantly fell in love with it. There was mystery and a little bit of sexiness (little did she know that she’d grow into quite the ‘sexy’, comedic performer she’s now known as!) as it rolled off her tongue and embodied a key aspect of pole – balance.

But what about the brand? Well, Jen didn’t have the balls to use it as a stage name for the first year that she competed (she thought only Polebrities used stage names…) and within that time she went from making costumes for herself, to a few of her friends, to having random polers ask about her costume business. And so she needed a business name, so she poached Le Chatelier from herself!

As the business has grown, it has also grown into its name. Le Chatelier principle states that “If a system at equilibrium is subjected to change in concentration, temperature, volume or pressure, it will readjust itself to counteract the effect of the applied change and a new equilibrium is established”

In other words, when a system experiences a change, it will respond in a manner that will restore the balance…

Le Chatelier Pole Wear was created so that our owner Jen could pursue her passion of all things pole –be it performing on stage, teaching her fabulous students or creating quality training wear and one of a kind costumes! She knows there is nothing better than the feeling of wearing a new pair of shorts to class or stepping out on stage feeling amazing in your specially made costume!

And just like Le Chatelier’s Principle, our pole and aerial brand seeks to achieve the perfect balance; between work and play, quality and price and, of course, on your favourite apparatus. 

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